Katerina Vittozzi, Correspondent & Editorial Lead

Katerina is an award-winning broadcast journalist, a Fellow of the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) and a mentor with the John Schofield Trust.  She is VNFilms' Senior Correspondent with more than a decade of experience in television and radio news production.  Since joining VNFilms in 2013, Katerina has worked on some of Africa's biggest breaking news stories.  Her coverage of West Africa's Ebola epidemic was dubbed "a masterclass in storytelling" by judges in One World's 2015 Media Awards and subsequently won her their 'New Voice' Journalist of the Year award.   Since 2017, she has been working for Sky News.

Mark Naftalin, Producer, Videographer & Photographer

Mark is VNFilms' Senior Videographer and Producer.  His video and photographic work has been broadcast/published on multiple platforms.  Since joining VNFILMS, Mark's work has taken him to Somalia and South Sudan to film the impact of famine, Bangladesh to report on the Rohingya crisis, northeast Nigeria to cover Boko Haram as well as to the three West African countries worst-affected by the Ebola epidemic.  Mark received the British government's Ebola Medal for Service in West Africa in recognition of his extensive coverage of the outbreak.  His 2018 video filmed in South Sudan for UNICEF was viewed over nine million times making it the organisation's most watched video for that year.

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